Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well, I've arrived on Metzudat Yoav, and am done with my first 24 hours in Israel.
Of course, the whole thing wasn't so simple. I got to the airport and my flight to Toronto was delayed--and then cancelled. I went to customer service and they put me on standby fr the next United flight to Toronto--which was overbooked, so there was basically no chance of getting on that.
With my Israeli cell phone (and no American one) I was left to scrounge (American, not Canadian) cell phones off other frustrated and rushed passengers and even to use a pay phone! (those still exist?) I called home about 5 times, figuring out what to do, and at one point we thought I might fly to Frankfurt, to London, and then to Israel. But the man who I asked to switch it for me was typing veeeeery slowly, and then plane was leaving in literally 15 minutes. Needless to say, that didn't happen.
I called Dad from the phone at the customer service desk, and had him talk to the United man, who then called the Air Canada desk at gate E (I was at C) and finally arranged for me to take a 7:25 Air Canada flight to Toronto. (My original flight was 3:59 with a 5 hour delay in Toronto. This still got me there in time for my 11:55 flight to Israel).
I arrived there, and was in time and everything. On the plane I sat next to a Canadian-Israeli kid my age, so we had a good time. He offered me to watch movies on his computer, and it was nice to be able to talk to someone.
When I finally got to Israel, I went through immigration/etc with no problem, got to the baggage claim, only to NOT find my luggage. Good thing I packed an extra pair of clothing in my backpack! So I had to go through the whole mess of filing a missing baggage report, blablabla.
The Shaaltiels picked me up and we went back to their apartment in Tel Aviv. We chatted for a while, and then went for a walk along the beach (they're about 3 blocks away). When we came back around 10 or so, we ate (a lot! They kept giving me more delicious food) and talked for a long time, and then slept. (A much-needed sleep, as I'm terrible at sleeping on airplanes).
This morning I walked a bit to change some money, then walked back to catch the bus to the train station (sounds like going to school...). Anyway, I missed the stop, and had to get back on the other way, but I arrived only 2 minutes late.
Today was basically a day of meeting lots of people and explaining that "no, I have no family in Israel" and "I learned Hebrew in Jewish day school" and etc. etc.
We're five girls in my room--another American (from LA) named Galya. The rest Israelis--Gal, Adi, and Neta.
As I can't unpack (they called this morning to say they found the suitcases and would bring them to the Metzuda, but they didn't. Hm) I think I'll go to sleep, because I'm a little jetlagged

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Contact Information

My contact information for the year:

*Disclaimer: I am not bringing my own computer. While there are computers on the Mechina, I am not sure how often I'll be using it--mostly to check and send email rather than Gchat I think, but you never know.

Skype: abby.klionsky

Cell phone: 057-270-2106*
*Disclaimer: If you are calling from the US, you should dial 011-972-57-270-2106.

Snail mail:
אביגיל קליאנסקי
מכינת נחשון
מצודת יואב
ד.נ. לכיש דרום

Abby Klionsky
Mechinat Nachshon
Metzudat Yoav
D.N. Lechish Darom