Thursday, August 27, 2009

Contact Information

My contact information for the year:

*Disclaimer: I am not bringing my own computer. While there are computers on the Mechina, I am not sure how often I'll be using it--mostly to check and send email rather than Gchat I think, but you never know.

Skype: abby.klionsky

Cell phone: 057-270-2106*
*Disclaimer: If you are calling from the US, you should dial 011-972-57-270-2106.

Snail mail:
אביגיל קליאנסקי
מכינת נחשון
מצודת יואב
ד.נ. לכיש דרום

Abby Klionsky
Mechinat Nachshon
Metzudat Yoav
D.N. Lechish Darom

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