Saturday, June 19, 2010

Open Mic and Riding the Train

This was the last Shabbat at the Mechina, and the madrichim planned it.
We had an open mic type thing this evening (that ended up running about three-and-a-half hours), in which anyone who wanted to could read something they'd written this year, in years past, or a passage they liked from a song, from a poem, from an article...
I'd planned to read a few excerpts from my one-again-off-again journal from this year, and also maybe a nice anecdote called "The Bank of Time" that we read to our girls last summer at camp. But then Ron got up, sat on The Couch, and read a speech he'd written when he was running from president of his chapter of the Tzofim (youth group).
It was then that I decided to read my Train Essay that I wrote for the CommonApp for college. AH! But it's in English, and I didn't want to read it in English because it would lose its meaning to them. But it was still Shabbat, so I couldn't sit in the room with a pen and paper translating it to Hebrew.
What to do? I brought it down (along with my compilation of APLang essays and blogs that I brought with to Israel), ran through it once in my head in Hebrew, waited 5 minutes to stop my hands from shaking, and when to sit on The Couch. I read my essay, translating it as I went. I didn't stumble, and I'm really glad I read it.
Afterwards, a few people came up to me and said it was one of the best things that was read during the Open Mic, and asked if they could read it. I said, "Only if you don't mind reading English." And they said "What? but you read it in Hebrew, give us a Hebrew copy!"... because they didn't realize I'd translated it on the spot.
It was really great, I was really happy with how it came out. And also, it means that my Hebrew really really really has improved, because I never would have been able to dot hat at the beginning of the year. (I just reread a letter I wrote in Hebrew more than a year ago, and couldn't help but laughing at all the ridiculous mistakes there were).

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