Monday, August 15, 2011

Well, Ben Gurion Airport has Free WiFi, but it's Not That Fast

(So the big "cool things I've done in the past 5 days" post--which includes wandering on rooftops, seeing priest/monk/something rituals, making pasta, eating at a chocolate-only restaurant...and many more--will have to wait till I'm home and have a better connection). 

This picture was taken by the friendly lady named Yael who sat next to me in the Sheirut (taxi for multiple people) to the airport. She's going to Georgia (the country!) for two weeks with her friend. Why Georgia? "It's cheap, and has really good hikes." She was super friendly. And then I remembered I had taken the obligatory "picture with all my stuff" so when we got out I asked her to do it for me.

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