Monday, June 20, 2011

Lincoln Park Zoolights. But in Jerusalem. And not at the zoo

Tonight (after shopping trip number two, and delicious dinner number two--sauteed onions and garlic fried with eggplants, olive oil, tomato sauce, and corn, plus more fresh bread) a bunch of the interns headed to the Old City (on foot. which is fine, but somehow the walk back felt much longer than the walk there...) for the annual Jerusalem Lights Festival. Pretty much self explanatory, although to give a feel, I'm putting up some pictures.

One of the most interesting parts, however, is that it's one of the few times of the year that Jews walk through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City, as one of the Lights Routes goes through it. It's an interesting model--nothing is going on, everyone's getting along. Makes you wonder if there was always a "thing" (exhibit, etc.) if everyone could be a bit more open about things?

[More updates about the actual internship tomorrow, I hope. Right now it's late and I'm heading to bed]

First of the cool light displays in the Old City (Armenian Quarter route). Lights projected onto the walls, and there was cool music playing, too.

Sweet! It's like a big layer-cake candy-machine made out of what look like big tea-lights, and ping-pong balls get carried up the side and then pop out of the top at you. And the lights are changing colors the whole time.

One of the cooler light displays. They've created this entire animation to display on the gate  (Damascus Gate--at the end of the route that goes through the Muslim Quarter. Particularly cool, because that's not an area that one generally gets to walk through) that fits it perfectly. As you'll see in the next picture, the animation changes every couple of minutes. This one is Alice in Wondeland (Naomi!) 

Another of the animations. Not sure what story it's from, but it's an Old Man Tree.

Old train tracks--now out of use and surrounded by grass--running through the Muslim Quarter

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