Sunday, June 19, 2011

A series of firsts

Well, last night was supposed to be a "Welcome Abby to Israel" party thrown by my Mechina friends, but it went a little funny. As in, classic "guest of honor doesn't show up" funny. Lots of misunderstandings over who keeps Shabbat and who's driving Abby there and everyone else thinking that someone else has Abby... in the end I took the bus there and got there at around 11:30pm, when only about ten or so people were still around, and left around 12:30. It was a bit ridiculous, but in any case great to see everyone that was still there.

[re: shabbat. Friday night I went to Shira Chadasha for two reasons. One, I've never been. Two, Galya was bringing her soldiers there, so we planned to meet up. Turned out that the GGs--Noa and her mom--were there, too! I had dinner with Shani and her family. Saturday morning I walked to Yedidya, which is where pretty much any Hyde Parkers that have moved to Israel go. It was Sarah Kass's (Miriam's sister) daughter's bat mitzvah, and there were a bunch of people that many of you know there. Then I had lunch at Yoni Stern's house (I haven't seen him in years!) with Gabe and Zohar (Gideon). Wandered around a bit with a friend from Princeton, and then met up with some friends of my roommate, Sam, then went back to Sam's aunt's for dinner. Then the whole mess with the party...].

The first of the firsts: today was our first day at Shalem. A lot of today was just explanations of what we're going to be doing, setting up accounts on the computers, tours of the building, meeting with some of the researchers (continues throughout the week). Plus, of course, meeting each other! And wandering around.

Second of the firsts: Sam, Leah and I made our first big shopping trip. And when I say big, I mean BIG. We went to the shuk--the outdoor market--and got stuff that'll last us through this week, if not longer. Man, food is expensive! We got an entire watermelon for $1.50, though (the produce is from Friday, so Sunday evenings they sell it dirt-cheap). Tomorrow we'll see if it's good...

Last of firsts: we made our first meal! And it was delicious. Sam had brought delicious bread that we ate with olive oil, and we made Israeli salad (+ orange peppers) and omelettes, and also had fresh lafa (a kind of bread) with hummus. And fresh yellow plums for dessert. It was quite scrumptious!

And tomorrow begins the first "real" day of work!

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