Monday, July 11, 2011

Arabic (Julie and Gavi, this post is for you)

I will not relate here the discussion that went down after our lecture with Ze'ev Maghen today, but I will put in what for me was the most exciting part of it.

Guys (Julie and Gavi), he spoke (and sang!) beautiful Arabic. And not only that, but he spoke beautiful fus-ha [standard. what we learn at school] Arabic. And not only that? But he spoke beautiful fus-ha Arabic that I understood!!

In any case, the important part. After the room was finishing erupting, I stayed behind to ask him my question, which was entirely unrelated to the topic at hand: would he be willing to meet for half an hour or so a couple times a week and just chat with me in Arabic? Of course, that was his cue to switch to Arabic--probably to test me, but he was not condescending at all. I understood everything (of course, this is standard Arabic as opposed to spoken/dialect, but still!). My responses took a little longer, but still, I was totally coherent!)

Basically, he said he only comes in to Shalem once a week (because he's a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University), but if we could find the time to chat in Arabic for thirty minutes at a cafe somewhere, he'd be totally down for it. I hope it works out!

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