Sunday, July 17, 2011

I touched raw chicken! (Sheheyanu...)

Leah and I went for a run today, up to the Tayelet (Promenade)--a place I've only been once before. It's beautiful! You look down and you see the layout of Jerusalem, the Old City, downtown, the bus station... But then we just kind of sat there for an hour and a half, talking and enjoying the view. It was a beautiful day--breezy, and not too hot.

On our run we passed these orange fruits, which I thought were going to be loquats (a word I learned last year, when I was eating something that I knew what it was called in Hebrew--shesek--but had never heard of in English). But I opened it up and this is what it looked like...kind of bloody, mushy seeds. Gross, but also kind of delicious. I did a google images search for "orange fruit red seeds," and this link popped up. General consensus, it seems, is that these fruits are "Banana Passionfruits"--edible, certainly, but not nearly as delicious as regular passionfruits (of which I had one today!) Now that I know they're not poisonous, I want to try one!

Our first foray into the world of cooking meat (okay, well, Sam and Leah grilled a few weeks back, but...). In any case, I cut raw chicken! I touched it! It wasn't as gross as I was expecting--slippery, but not slimy. That's good. Basically just stir-fried it after we let the veggies get nice and sauteed, had some cashews in there, and poured in some of the (bad bottle of) red wine we have. Then the chicken bits. Was delicious with our brown rice (came out perfectly!) and salad. Cherries for dessert :)

Sarna and I were going to watch a movie...but instead we washed the floors. Which we haven't done in all the time we've been here, and it's probably been months since they were washed. The towels we used as mops are proof. We didn't do Sam's room--that's where we put all the stuff that wouldn't fit on the table or on the couch.

Sarna mopping. Cleaning pictures are great because peoples' hair is always really goofy.

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