Saturday, July 9, 2011


This weekend reminded me why Haifa is my favorite city in Israel.
shavua tov!

Yay! It's always great to see a Levy brother, especially if it's Gevy. [And thanks, Batya, for a delicious lasagna and brownies and cookies...]
This was basically my weekend: Friday evening Gevy's friend Shaul came over and they jammed  for a while. Then we went to Shaul's house (and in the taxi, they asked the driver if they could play instead of having the radio on. The answer, of course, was yes). When we got to Shaul's, their other friends came over, and they just jammed around with guitars, harmonicas, the piano, and a ukelele all night. It was wonderful!

It's always fun to hang out with the Haifa kids from the Mechina (this is me, Udi, and Ron), because they have great spots to hang out. This is some spot in the middle of the Carmel mountains, where people have set up an area with things to sit on and a shade cover thinger. We just sat there for a while catching up, Udi made Turkish coffee and had his mother's home-baked new-recipe cookies (she's a confectioner--is that a word in English?), and we looked down on Haifa below us (behind us).

After we dropped off Ron so he could go back to his army base, Udi and I headed to the beach, where he went running and I went strolling. It was at sunset, which, of course is beautiful. (And I saw a giant jellyfish. For everyone's benefit, I won't put that picture up). I walked along the beach in the warm water, and then met Udi back by the car in time to catch the express bus back to Jerusalem (1:45 instead of 3 hours!)

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  1. Sounds like a divine day. You sound connected, affectionate, beaming.